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Welcome to Stonepillar's Scrapbook

Please send us cute pictures of your bouv similar to the ones below!
We'll add it to the page so everyone can enjoy them.
Just send us an email to 


Ella, Showing Her Herding Capabilities




Freya, Our Flower Puppy!


Muldoon at Work...or Is It Play!

Ahh...It's a Dirty Job but Somebody's Got to Do It!

Maska and the Cart...What Now?

Maska and Santa Brainstormin' for Next Xmas.



Jackson is Two
And a Fine Two He is...!

And So is Jackson's Sister Lizzie
Our Beautiful Miss Congeniality!

Auggie & Farley
Just Takin' It Easy

Tess & the Kids
at the
Ontario Bouvier Specialty, August 13, 2005

Gettin' Ready for the Specialty

Bobbi in the Snow

Jade's "Alberta Bound" Fling

Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it.


What do you mean, Sam's not here!!!

Lizzie Nosing Around!

and her Sister Thora

 and her Brother Jackson
Apparently Jackson thinks that he's in charge of snow removal...
Mouthful by Mouthful!

Jazzin' It
Jazz & Friend Checking Each Other Out!

Keji and Heather

Zoe, the Baby Sitter

Zoe, Not a Happy Trick or Treater


            Maya & LoriAnn

Tess & Alex

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